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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

ciao gatto

They sprawl in the sun among the ruins, upon the stones where Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC. The beloved Italian actress Anna Magnani would come to feed and love them once upon a time. Now volunteers by the dozen serve them, but there's never enough to shelter what is thrown away.

The homeless cats of Rome: visit them at the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, http://www.romancats.de/romancats/index_eng.php

They have an adopt-a-cat-at-a-distance option. Perhaps you'll adopt Alcatraz:
"Personality: playboy
Alcatraz was literally dumped, from above, into the entrance area of the shelter. The cage he was in, fell to the ground with a thud and volunteers rushed out to see what had happened. This terrible experience did not change his nice disposition, he is a very friendly cat. He is never far from Katia, when she is at the shelter, running our little shop on weekends. During the week, Alcatraz just waits around for the next weekend when he can make himself useful in the shop!"

Or maybe Osmio:
"Personality: sweety
"One of the survivors" When practically all the cats in a colony south of Rome were found dead of poisoning, three survivors made it to safety at Torre Argentina. One of them, Osmio, is still trying to forget his traumatic past and would love so much to feel safe in a home."

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