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Monday, December 04, 2006

are you a dog?

Huey Lewis is one, as is Kato Kalin.

Their hobbies are listed as "Making love; team sports; hiking; biking".

Supposedly they make good waiters.

They are very attracted to mice, sheep, and cottontails. . . until the chase is over, and they move on to stronger creatures that are more fun.

They are members of the Dog Personality, from The Animal In You personality series.

Get in touch with your inner animal by taking the test. Your friendly curator is a Bat. Hey, it's dark out. . . gotta go.

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seacuke said...

Apparently, I am a otter and a penguin. Or perhaps I am one of those animal-human hybrids that G.W. Bush mentioned to strike fear into American hearts.

But for now I remain,