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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

give peace and pits a chance

Your friendly curator is back after a lovely and exhausting family Christmas:
2 parents
3 brothers and 3 sisters in law
4 nieces-and-nephews and another 4 step-nieces-and-nephews on occasion
curator and spouse
4 dogs.

Our dog Cash was pretty good, which surpised everybody, since he's been a spaz for so long he's got a bad rap.

Speaking of bad raps, what dogs get worse ones than pitbulls? Yes, it's true a pitbull gone bad is pretty bad (we spent one Christmas at the emergency vet after Cash ran afoul of one). But pitbulls suffer so from cruel and greedy owners/dogfight organizers, and from public ignorance about the possibilities of this bright and loyal breed.

Enter Bad Rap: Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit Bulls. A rescue organization for pits and pits only, they have done their homework to the nth degree. You have some preconceptions about pits, don't you? Check them out on the Monster Myths page. See the pros and cons of the breed. Did you know they're great with kids? I know because I've seen it myself. And you must see the Happy Endings for many, many pits, lots from Katrina.

Peace and joy to everyone, feathered furred or scaly!

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