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Thursday, December 21, 2006

holiday pet thoughts

Happy Holidays, Pet Museum patrons!

This is Baci, sitting in her favorite place, under the tree. She is happy. At least we think she is. She's not our brightest cat (though the sweetest), so we can't tell exactly.We feed her good food, keep her and her kitty-sisters clean and warm, give them toys, and love them all day every day.

But some pets are not pets this season. They are spending Christmas in a cage at a shelter, because no one wants them any more. Shelter people have one of the hardest jobs I can imagine. We can't help buy love, but we can help buy food for shelter animals. So show that your holiday thoughts include little furry souls by clicking at The Animal Rescue Site.

The Pet Museum's taking a break for Christmas, so I'll bring you more petly goodness next week! Best to you and to all your companion animals!

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