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Monday, January 22, 2007

sebastian was a girl

But Sharon didn't know that when she found the duckling dragging itself across the road one summer night in 1995. What she did know is that it was hurt, and that its legs were deformed.

Someone had thrown it out with the garbage.

She named it Sebastian and took it to the vet. The vet wanted to put it to sleep and at some point told her it was a girl, but the name stuck. Sharon's husband built a duck wheelchair. Sharon kept her on soft, clean surfaces all day and night and fed her. She threw Sebastian birthday parties. Hard work all day every day, but it made her happy. As she says,

"Never give up on your beloved pets that can no longer walk they deserve every chance that a human does, because all forms of life is precious. "

Here's Sebastian's story. I found it at HandicappedPets.com, which is not only a source of diapers and wheeliecarts, but of support and tales of courage and devotion.

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