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Monday, February 19, 2007

drink! sing! purr!

Never too early to start limbering up for St. Patrick's Day, is it?
Oh Danny Boy, the alarm is not yet ringing.
But I awake with you licking me on my cheek.
The morning's come too soon, and you won't stop meowing.
Why won't you let me get one good night's sleep.
If you're not familiar with that version, ask your cat, who will tell you sure and ye should hie yerself to catdrinkingsongs.com. The way Marc Gunn tells it, he was in a session with some other Celts in a pub in Italy when he was asked for a song. Having busted out with "Wild Kitty," he was asked for the CD. So he made one. That story and a listen to "Wild Kitty" here.

Read lyrics and try a few songs on for size!

Curatorial note: I can't believe I found this.

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gerry said...

Thanks for the song, it's different I must say. Do drop by my blog too to check out some interesting things that I have for you.