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Saturday, February 03, 2007

"russian pet labrador reports $20 yearly income"

From the site russianspy.org:

A popular Russian daily, Komsomolskaya Pravda, tells a story of a pet labrador who reported an astonishingly high income of 500 rubles (approx. $20) after he had spent nights gathering coins in the courtyard of an apartment block where his owners live.

The dog called West has been living in the Shishakins family for two years now. The pet’s hobby is to collect coins in the courtyard, his owner Lyudmila Shishakina says.

“About a year ago, as the whole family gathered in the kitchen, West brought several coins in his teeth,” she says. “I still cannot figure out how he had managed to find him in the apartment. Most surprisingly, we had never trained him to do that. We laughed and awarded him with a piece of sausage and forgot everything about it.”

But the puppy, it appears, did not forget. Inspired by the prize he began to collect coins every time he was led outdoors. His daily “income” is 7 to 10 rubles.

“It’s fun to observe pedestrians dropping coins and our dog dashing to pick them up,” Igor Shishakin laughs.

The KP correspondent staged an experiment to test West’s abilities. The dog passed the test brilliantly. Over the past twelve months the smart pet has added a total of 500 rubles to the household budget.

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jan said...

I can think of very few tricks I would like for a dog to learn more than that one.