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Monday, February 12, 2007

two scots in taormina

Taormina, Italy - that's the deep south. Makes for a warm escape for a couple of Scottish kids.

Particularly if they are covered in hair.

Like Boone and Kenzie, the two Scottish Terriers that star in their own travel website. It's called ScottieTails.com, and I only stumbled upon it yesterday via YouTube, where I enjoyed blonde (wheat-colored actually) miss Kenzie do a video appeal to date Barney, the First Dog.

As it turns out, they're experienced travelers and have gorgeous photo galleries to prove it. I found Rome particularly good, as at least I had been there and could attest to the quality of the pix. They've also been to Prague, Nice, Calais, Berlin, Amsterdam, Torino, Dublin, Madrid, Glasgow, Vegas. . . that's not even a quarter of their journeyings.

They even have a most handy page of helpful pet travel links! Didn't you always wish you could bring your dog with you? Perhaps you can with Boone and Kenzie's help.

Ah, tourists!

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