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Saturday, April 14, 2007

curator is sad

Yes. I am sorry to report that I am sad. I am even sorrier to report that my utterly beloved orange tabbycat has gone and come down with some mysterious high fever, which means she's now spending the night at the emergency vet.

And so my offering today is an old Russian prayer.
Hear our prayer Lord, for all animals,
May they be well-fed and well-trained and happy;
Protect them from hunger and fear and suffering;
And, we pray, protect specially, dear Lord,
The little cat who is the companion of our home,
Keep her safe as she goes abroad,
And bring her back to comfort us.


Anonymous said...

We're sending get-well vibes and hoping your tabby can come back home soon.

curator said...

Thank you so much. It helps. The vet tells me she's looking good so far, and that her red blood cells show a good count so it probably isn't an infection. I hope all of you stay well and happy all the rest of the year!

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

We're sorry to hear that. Hope your kittie is well and home soon.

{{huggss}} and puurrss for you both.

midcenturymodern said...

More get well vibes from here too.