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Thursday, April 26, 2007

a greek folktale

A very long time ago all the animals decided that they would gather and converse
with one another. When all the animals had finally come together at the
meeting place they all looked at one another and noticed that the only animal
that had not come to their meeting place was the camel.

It was then decided by all the animals that one animal must go and find the missing animal. None of the animals wanted to go and find the missing camel as they all did
not want to leave from the conversations they were currently having. Not
even one animal volunteered to go and find the camel. The animals decided
that the only way to resolve the problem with the missing camel was through a
toss, they would throw a stick in the air and whoever the stick landed in front
of would have to fetch the camel.

The fox threw up the stick and it landed in front of the dog. The dog was very unhappy with what had resulted and asked the other animals. "How can I find the camel when I do not know what it even looks like?" The dog thought that it was very smart and hoped to get itself out of its predicament by this excuse. The fox being much wiser then the dog quickly answered the dog's question and said, "You will know the camel by the hump that appears on its back." The dog was happy as he felt his task would be very easy and replied, "Very well if that is the case, then I shall surely find the camel quite easily." The fox giggled at the dog's reply.

As the dog went on its way it met a cat. The cat became frightened at seeing the dog appearing out of nowhere and arched its back in fear. The dog saw the arch and believed its eyes -- it had found the camel with the hump in its back! The dog asked the cat to please follow it, and the cat did as the dog politely asked. The cat followed behind the dog with its back still arched, as it was cautious.

The dog then approached the meeting place where all the other animals were gathered and proclaimed, "I have found the camel!" The animals began to laugh uncontrollably and tears ran from their eyes. How stupid could the dog be they said to each other, not being able to notice the difference between a camel and a cat! The dog became enraged as he saw the cat lower the arch in its back. The dog then began to chase the cat as it is doing till this day!

-- So that's why! This tale is courtesy of the folktales page on Greek Spider.


Anonymous said...

thank you! that story helped with my homework:]

Anonymous said...

Thanks helped with my story telling for school!