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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

i r in shape

". . . round is shape."

That's a great lolcat caption and led me today to think about fat cats I have known. I don't even count the one sitting on me right now: Zozo's not that fat, the vet said so.

Turns out I have never heard before today of Tiddles, who lived in London's Paddington Station for most of his 13 years, spoiled beyond belief by the visitors to the ladies' lavatory where he hung out. He had his own fridge, lived 13 years, and then he died because he was big and fat, so don't let that happen to your kitty. That being said, people do. Did you know some very fat cats can't put their tails down? The sheer bulk of their pudge makes it stand up from the base of the spine a bit. Here's some other risks of the fatness:
  • Cardiovascular disease
    Diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes), specifically late onset diabetes.
    Hepatic lipidosis (a type of liver disease)
    Lameness due to arthritis (joints wear out due to carrying too much weight)
    Cystitis (lower urinary tract disease).

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