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Sunday, May 20, 2007

lolcats, selamat datang!

(Selamat datang = "Welcome" in Malay.)

Do I speak Malay? No, though I lived in Singapore for a year as a kid, which was a fascinating time. Because of the tropic climate, our living room had no front wall to speak of. Instead we had a lockable decorative metal gate, which we could pull a plastic curtain across for privacy.

One time we came home to find a neighborhood cat had come in through the gate, found a chicken on the kitchen counter, dragged it through the house, and tried to yank it back out the grate. Tried, that is. The chicken was wedged tight by the time we got there.

Anyway, everybody likes cats -- and apparently everybody likes lolcats, too. They're taking over the world. Check out lolcats in Malaysian.

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