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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

a medieval kennel

Typical of the new sporting breeds was the Hound of St. Hubert, created by monks
at the Abbey of St. Hubert at Mouzon in the Ardennes. . . These dogs had soft,
pendulous ears and somber, gentle countenances accentuated by furrows and loose
folds of skin. Compared to the Levrier and Alaunt, it was not a
particularly swift or muscular breed, but possessed exceptional endurance and
determination,while remaining surprisingly obedient. It had a nose capable
of finding virtually anything -- the canine equivalent of gold. Legend has
it that as early as AD 800 the monastery began sending six of their finest young
dogs to the King of France every year in lieu of tribute, who in turn gave the
pups to close friends and favored associates. Ultimately this dog, and
many other hounds like it, were just as coveted (if not more so) for their
potential as fashionable status symbols as for their hunting talents.

--Thurston, The Lost History of the Canine Race, p. 76.

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