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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

whoops. must find luck elsewhere.

After writing yesterday's post I was resolved to say "Rabbit rabbit" immediately upon awakening. But no. What I actually said was "HEY HEY HEY!" to the two cats that were beating the whiskers off each other at the foot of the bed.

I must look elsewhere. Somewhere convenient. Like said cats, perhaps.

Here are some ways to change your luck with a handy cat.
  • If you see a cat eating grass, quickly make a wish, then turn away. If your wish is to come true, you mustn't see the same cat again that same day.
  • If you see a cat looking at a fire with its tail away from the fire, make a wish. Don't ever make a wish on a cat whose tail is toward the fire, or the opposite of your wish may happen.
  • If you see a cat washing its face, touch each of your cheeks and then your chin; after that, make a wish.
  • If a black cat crosses your path, make a wish. If a black cat crosses your path, say "Black cat, bring me luck." If you meet a black cat, stroke it three times from head to tail and then make a wish. (This is more powerful than just seeing a black cat.)
  • If you see a white cat, make a wish after saying: "White cat has fur, Drinks milk from a dish, White cat can purr, And bring me my wish."
  • If the cat purrs as you are making your wish, there is a good chance that your wish will come true.
  • If a gray cat crosses your path, this is a sign of very good luck; you should strengthen the luck by making a wish for good luck.
  • If you see a three-colored cat, make a wish. Repeat it three times.
  • The first time you meet any given cat, you should stroke it seven times, repeating your wish with each stroke.
This is simply the "cat" part of a most exhaustive animal luck page!

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