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Thursday, June 07, 2007


"Cats prefer toys laced with Catnip. 69% of responding cats use Catnip. This points to low moral fiber in cats and general lack of self restraint."

Randy Moravec is being too harsh, but his website on garden-variety cat research is a deft piece of tongue-in-cheekiness, so don't worry. The feline viewpoint is lobbed back by the cat who started it all, Claude:

"Cats reduce human stress. 90% of responding cats engaged their hapless owners in active play, reducing blood pressure and anxiety levels and thus extending human life. We estimate that cats reduce the annual global health care costs of humans by over $480 million US dollars."

Between themselves Claude and Moravec have figured out for you such burning questions as the Percentage of cats having at least 1 toy On a Wire, the Percentage of cats that Like Home Cookin', and (ongoing, and you can help) the amount of total nicknames your cats has acquired throughout its life.

Oh and the total time a cat spends getting into trouble in its life. Answer: 1.71 years.
Go ask Claude.

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