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Monday, July 23, 2007

a robust vintage with a soupcon of dog hair

I was thinking fondly this morning of my visit to the wine country, and how beautiful the labels of many wines are. Not that one should choose a wine by its label, but sometimes one will.

And if you are in that mood, perhaps wanting to celebrate a beloved beast with a good vintage, perhaps you should shop at Critterwines.com. There you may select Two Dog Vineyard Merlot, Bobcat Zin, or Wren Hop Pinot Noir.


Jessica said...


I'm new to your blog - loved the bat-squirrel. New species maybe? I'm also the webmaster over at www.critterwines.com and I wanted to thank you for the link. It's nice to see our site finding fans among animal lovers.

curator said...

Hi Jessica! What a pleasure to have you stop by! Love your work on critterwines.com, too.