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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

great pointed archer

The immediate goal of this website is to replace the offensive name ‘rat’ with
the untainted, and beautiful name Great Pointed Archer. By doing away with this
all-too-common slur, we can begin to repair centuries of disrespect and hatred.
After all, it’s not their fault they live in the sewer and eat trash.

They can jump 48 inches in one leap. Their fur smells like grape soda. There's between 8 to 12 million of them in NYC.

Maybe we should pay them a little more respect.

And that's certainly the point at The Great Pointed Archer, a tongue-in-cheek and comprehensive site to rethinking the rat. Not for dial-up, I think, as it's so graphics-heavy that even I took a while to bring it up (though the loading pages are pretty funny, too). Be sure and try customizing a GPA (click on the 4th poster on the wall, you'll see what I mean).

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