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Monday, October 15, 2007


Wow. All I ever knew about geese is that they have a habit of standing threateningly in your friend's driveway, honking and hissing, until you cave in and throw half your home baked cookies out the window to distract them so you can drive by.

I like ducks, though.

Nancy Townshend of Tempe, AZ likes them both, and finds them winning pets. Did you know,
-- Geese can live up to 50+ years….Ducks up to 20
-- Most domestic ducks and geese can’t fly
-- They all like to sit on your lap and sleep in your bed

Wait, what? Yep. They're very clean beasts, and as for that not-so-litter-trainable thing, Nancy has diapers. You can buy diapers. Go buy diapers. (The duckling in the little diaper sling is worth the trip.) But even if you don't happen to need any avian diapers, I think you'll find The Goose's Mother a winsome way to start your week.

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