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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

nice digs!

I wish I'd been in Oakland in 1999 to see the exhibition I've stumbled upon this morning. That year, the Oakland Museum of California presented a show called Dog Haus: Architecture Unleashed.

24 outstanding designs were chosen by a panel of architects, designers and animal experts, and though the designs could be fancy, the shelter was meant to be serious. One was even designed for a dog living with a homeless person.

Read about the show here, and click on the slideshow to see them all!


dapanferkitteh said...

Wow! Found your site from your link on I Can Has Cheezburger

That dog house display is amazing, and the rest of your site is pretty darn cool, too. I wonder if you are in Western WA, as I am? (Or do you mean Washington, DC?)

curator said...

You're absolutely right, I'm in Western WA, kinda in the middle of I-5. Hey, thanks for stopping by!