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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ancient pet thoughts

So did you see in the news that Egypt has decided to put Tutanhkamen's mummy on display? It's in a protective case, but yes, you may see his actual face and feet. He looks about as well as can be expected.

This made me think once more on Egyptian animals. I found a wonderful page on the domesticated animals of that long-ago fine civilization, including just about every animal I could imagine they'd have.

Hear the rebuke an Egyptian military commander gives a defeated prince after seeing the poor shape of his horses:
As I have lived and loved Re and breath is in my nostrils, thus my heart grows
heavy seeing how these horses have been starved, which is worse than anything
you have done from the evil in your heart.

And did you know the first known cat name, Nedjem, dates to the reign of Thutmose III? Learn some more here.

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Julie said...

The Ancient Egypt: Farmed and Domesticated Animals article is a great find and very interesting to read.