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Thursday, November 29, 2007

giardino cats

Garden cats, in other words, and I mean the Boboli Gardens in Florence. What better to think about on a chilly, soggy morning than the sunny green lawns and rose terraces of Florence in the summer and fall? (I recommend September for a visit.) These gardens, created for Cosimo I de Medici's wife Eleonora of Toledo, are over 450 years old. When you are there you can feel the tender interweavings between the new things that grow and change, and the sheer time of the garden's existence. Who knows what plans were made and vows spoken there?

The garden cats might. A large collection of feral cats live there, fed by the kindness of various folks. The cats are an attraction in themselves; I've taken a fair amount of pictures of them over my 4 trips, but haven't got them handy to post.

But if you go to flickr and search "cat boboli", you find others who do.

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