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Monday, November 05, 2007

"i'm comfortably well off"

That's one of my favorite Daffy Duck quotes - he's just hit a jackpot of some variety, and in the middle of screaming "I'm rich! I'm rich!!" he stops and says calmly. . . well, see the title. Which led me to this treasure trove of Daffyisms. Humor me, it's payday.

I am sure the richest pets in the world would never do such a thing -- certainly not "Moose," the Jack Russell who played Eddie on Frazier. He worked too hard for that 3.7 mil.

But there's a pet out there sitting on $372 million. Can you believe?? Want to see the list? And if youknow where I can learn a bit more about any of these, let me know. By the way, it's quite legal to leave your pets $$. For help with that and other legal sticky wickets, see Dog Law, published by Nolo Press.

1 comment:

RobG said...

I don't get it. Hey maybe I could borrow a mil for some diamond studded Scobby snacks.