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Saturday, November 17, 2007

met an artist: sarah angst

Yesterday while attending the Best of the Northwest crafts festival -- something which kicks off my holiday season most delightfully -- I had the great pleasure of meeting Sarah Angst.

An artist and printmaker residing in Bozeman MT, she works primarily with interpretations of flora and fauna (her blueberries are fabulous), and cites Art Nouveau as a stylistic inspiration. That movement too used the natural world as a springboard for its flowing motifs; she has chosen to work with simpler linear forms. Lest you think simpler = easier, I assure you it's not: every stroke of the pen or graver must be strong and clear, and the grasp of what the image must "say" must be sure.

That being said, here's perfect visual essence of puppy: Sarah's "Play Ball."

Go now and visit Sarah Angst's website, learn how she creates these images, see the gallery, and check out the online shop.

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