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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

pet chaplain

Have you ever felt, after the loss of a pet, that no one took your grief quite seriously? "After all," you may have heard, "it's an animal. It doesn't have the soul or connectedness or even simple worth of any human being."

The good folk at Pet Chaplain will be glad to think quite the opposite with you. Their mission is to provide spiritual support for animals and the people who love them. As they put it,
Pet Chaplain is here for people when they need us to listen. We also perform
blessings of the animals, dedications, and memorial services. We believe animals
and the families who love them deserve thoughtful gestures of care and concern
throughout all phases of life. Our services also enhance veterinary care by
extending support to clients and staff in difficult circumstances, thereby
strengthening those persons' resources to manage grief, and adding value to
veterinary services.

This wonderful new movement began at N.C. State University's College of Veterinary Medicine, when chaplain Rob Gierka got a call to tend to animals and their people. Read a news article on that here.

You may also like to go to a similar site, AnimalClergy.com.

-- Luckily for me I had all of you when Zozo died - you were my pet clergy! Thanks a million and bless you.


The Pet Chaplain said...

God bless the Pet Museum and a Happy New Year!

Animal Chaplain Nancy said...

Thank-you to the Pet Museum for sharing the work of Animal ministry with others.

You may be surprised as I was years ago to find out that Animal Chaplaincy or Animal Ministry has been going on for a number of years, in a variety of settings. Any place a member of the clergy offers comfort or support to animals and the humans who love them, animal ministry is happening.

I hope you will check out the website of the International Association of Animal Chaplains. Check out the page on Animal ministries. I think you will be moved, inspired, touched and empowered, if you love animals.

Yours in peace,
Chaplain Nancy