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Friday, January 04, 2008

history of spay/neuter?

I wanted to post on that this morning. After all, when you get to thinking about it, my great-grandmother didn't "fix" any of her pets, but jump forward to the late 60's and pets got fixed. So what happened?

I can't find out exactly, though it does seem that the sterilizing of smaller companion animals did gain prominence in the 60's. Also, if I remember my James Herriot correctly, he was doing spays and neuters in the --what, 30's, 40's?

If you know, please give me a heads-up adn I'll post it. Meanwhile here's a well-thought-out bit on "how young is too young to neuter" by Dr. Dave Sweeney at Utah's Best Friends Animal Society.

PS: She's still fine. I can't believe how high she's trying to jump. We keep telling her not to, so she spends today locked up in the office.


xenobiologista said...

I know this is kind of off-topic since you're asking about spay/neuter practices in modern times, but the earliest reference in English to spaying is from 1410. No kidding, the middle ages. From the Oxford English Dictionary:
c1410 Master of Game (MS. Digby 182) xi, And bycause {th}ei shuld not lese her tyme, men make hem yspayed, saue {th}ose men will kepe open to bere whelpes.I have no clue how people did surgery on dogs in those days...must have been awful for the poor bitches!

little gator said...

I've heard that at least one of George Washington's lady hounds was spayed.