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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

courtesy of parlance

If you haven't surfed on over to parlance's blog "my dog," then you should take a moment to do that - particularly today, as she's got a thoughtful post about the natural environment of the domestic dog. Guess what it is: your home. Yes, that's what they are bred for after all these millenia. So posits Vilmos Csanyi, author of If Dogs Could Talk. And he also offers this:
With well-designed experiments we can even show that puppies are attracted more
powerfully to humans than to their own species. Puppies long for humans even if
they experience pain or other unpleasantness in their presence; in other words,
they are unable to learn that in such experimental situations they should avoid

I'm all for intellectual inquiry -- obviously -- but not at the expense of sad little babies, I don't care what species. Anyway, it's a good post. Go check it out!

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parlance said...

Thanks for the mention, Curator. I'm loving reading Csanyi's book, I must say. I keep looking at my dog and analysing what she's doing. I think I have to lighten up!
I remember when I was studying language acquisition in children I obsessively noticed every little mistake (miscue, to use jargon) that the kids in my class made. It sort of drives you mad after a while.