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Thursday, March 06, 2008

rabbit nursery rhymes 1898

From MOTHER-PLAY AND NURSERY SONGS FOR THE NOBLE CULTURE OF CHILD LIFE WITH NOTES TO MOTHERS, by Friedrich Froebel, translated from the German (Boston: Lee and Shepard Publishers, 1898). Lovely illustrations, so linear and improving. Yeah, I can barely read it too, so here's the top verse....

The Rabbit.

WHEN all over the wall the light shines clear, No picture on its surface can appear ; But let the hand in some artistic form Between the candle and the white wall come : At once a living picture comes to view, That filis the child with wonder ever new. So teach the child to use his fingers slight, To intercept with skill the shining light : From the very shadows a pictured form is made, And the child's unconscious play a germ of art has laid.

(the rabbit song follows after, but I have to hop off to work... Perhaps I can pick it out later today.)

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