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Saturday, March 08, 2008

rabbit song cont'd

I promised you that verse, so here goes:

See the rabbit! running, skipping,
At the wall he stops:
Children after him are tripping,
But away he hops.
See him point his little ears now !
On the green grass feeds.
Now he turns his stumpy nose up,
— With a sudden spring he goes up;
Down again he quickly cowers :
Hunter there in ambush lowers.
Puff! the rabbit is disgusted;
Now the hunter bold is worsted.
Bunnie scampers — off, he's vanished,
And my little song is finished.

By the way, I think the book we've been looking at is the same as 1843's Mutter und Koselieder, a series of songs designed to help mothers provide sensory stimulation for very little children on up. Friedrich Froebel died in 1852, so that would be a reprint. Froebel was the inventor of kindergarten, education geared to the individuality and activity of each small child. As a teaching tool he invented the "gifts," sets of blocks and shapes given to children for their expressive play. Frank Lloyd Wright was given some as a child - his mother was considered very progressive to have done so.


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