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Friday, May 09, 2008


Yes, cats: the magic healing ingredient. The Literary Cat Homepage has stashed in its pages a few cat spells, including some for curing what ails you:

"To encourage broken bones to heal quickly and to take away pain, recite this charm over them after they have been set, whilst stroking a black cat.
'Blessing on your skull,
With holy secrets it is full,
Let it smile on these bones,
Precious as earths stones
Let it bless these bones,
And hush your groans,
Let it work the spell,
To lnit these bones and make them well,
Blessings on your skull,
With holy secrets it is full.'
Gather a little hair from the cat (make sure it is loose hair, so you don't hurt her) and put it in a little white linen bag, which is to be worn around the neck until the bones are well on the mend, Bless the cat with her magical name."
You can see some other spells here.


Anonymous said...

Of course cats are magic. Only the wisest and most perceptive humans realize this, though.

curator said...

Which means us, hee hee. How are you guys?