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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

internet pet blessings

I'm very pleased to have found the link I bring you today:

God, Bless the Animals

The site belongs to an internet prayer ministry that wishes to enhance the well-being of all creatures that share our Earth, which means there's lots of good stuff here for the caring pet person.

For example, on the "Instant Prayers" page, there's a full-fleshed prayer for many animal situations. Think on this excerpt from the prayer for homeless animals:
God, Bless the Animals...and especially those who have no homes and families of
their own tonight.Shelters and Rescue Centers are warm and safe but they are
also very impersonal. Domesticated animals need homes and people to love
who also love them.
I wish I'd known about this site months ago. Enjoy and should you need comfort, I hope you will find some here.


PetBrags said...

Wow, that is just awesome. I agree, what a find. Thank you for sharing. I'll have to feature their page even better, on PetBrags, soon.
Thanks again,

Ark Lady said...

Hey! You missed my website. I'll be changing the blogging platform soon but you can find the website and blog at http://www.blessingoftheanimals.com