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Thursday, June 26, 2008

urban legend kitties

You know, urban legends, those tall tales that "must be true" because it happened to a friend of a friend? Like the lady who found a weird-looking little chihuahua in Mexico, brought it home, took it to the vet, and found out it was a humongous rat?

Those stories.

There are dozens of them about cats. There's the dead kitty in a box that gets stolen, the cats that suck babies' breath (of course you knew that wasn't true), the giant housecats, the evil nature of tortoiseshell cats. As to that last, one of the Museum "staff" is a tortie and she's not evil at all. She's got the approximate mental acumen of a bag of hammers, but not a scrap of evil.

Messybeast.com has that long list of urban kitty legends. Some of it not nice at all, sadly, but most of it interesting and a look at what folks can be made to believe and easily too.

Read read read.

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