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Monday, July 28, 2008

happy birthday beatrix

"Now why is Peter Rabbit on the Google logo today?" I wondered. Turns out it's Beatrix Potter's birthday, or would have been (she died in 1943 aged 77).

Peter Piper, the original Peter, was fully worth the cleverness of his fictional counterpart; according to his loving owner 'Peter used to lie before the fire on the heart rug like a cat. He was clever at learning tricks, he used to jump through a hoop, and ring a bell, and play the tambourine.' Learn more about him and see some early Peter Rabbitness here. (Courtesy of the Victoria & Albert - ah, how I long to see it once more.)

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parlance said...

Thanks. A great link. I have always admired Beatrix Potter. And I LOVE the Victoria and Albert. Thank goodness for the Web, which means we can visit these places nowadays without actually travelling.