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Thursday, August 21, 2008

jim's dog elke goes for a nice long ride

It's called The Big Dummy Project, and it's the means by which friend Jim Perkins is raising awareness for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. "You're being kinda hard on yourself, aren'tcha, Jim?" I thought, but then I discovered the title refers to the bike model he's using.

Going on the road is he? What upstanding American hits the road without a dog?
Jim has a dog. Meet Elke.

Dislikes: shelters
Likes: Frisbees, Jim, travel

Hooray for Jim and Elke!


The Lee County Clowder said...

We thought it might be worth pointing out that the Big Dummy is a bicycle, not a motorcycle.

Surprized us, too!

More info on the bike here and a Big Dummy riders group here

Jim Perkins said...

It is indeed a bicycle, and a really great one. Elke has decided that riding behind a bike is pretty fun, which is good, because she can be quite stubborn.

The name refers to the bike, but also to the reaction I get when I tell people what I'm doing, and the fact that I am... uh, big.

Thanks for the bump, Andree!

-- Jim