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Friday, August 29, 2008

where's whicky whuudler?

I do like to learn a little about the folks who stop by at the Museum. So I'm pleased to have found a snippet of info about commenter Whicky Whuudler, who had already admitted he was a cat.

From a tough life to the good life!

My favorite quote: ". . . Whicky will not hesitate in giving the bitey." Would he like to meet Elizabeth, by any chance?

A little cross-cultural exploration here: I gather Whicky is a United Kingdom-type cat. If you are reading this, W.W., would you feel like telling me:
1. What are your favorite cat foods and treats called?
2. Does anybody call you a moggie?
3. What other nicknames for "kitty" do they have over there? (I knew an Italian woman who called her kitty by saying "micino, micino" -- means "kitten"?)
4. Where other than the armchair do you like to be? Do you like to sit on the newspaper? Which one do you like to sit on most?

Thanks a lot!

1 comment:

Whicky Wuudler said...

*freezes in the sudden spotlight*

*regains some composure*

Dear Curator,

I am most flattered by your interest in me. I'll work on some answers/photos for you over the weekend and mail you the fruits of my labour.

Regards and luff

Whicky Wuudler