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Monday, September 08, 2008

robin and finch chitter at a bug

Ah!! Don't you love the way they look imploringly into Tara's camera as if to say, "Do you not SEE that BUG!? Help me get it get it get it!!"

Now why the chittery noise? No one quite knows, though it seems to be an aerial prey thing - that is, cats don't seem to make that noise at rodents. I got that juicy tidbit from Wendy Christensen's book Outwitting Cats, courtesy of Google Books; page should come up here.


parlance said...

I have a friend with six or seven cats in her house. Penny (canine), who races through the place like a maniac, is NOT allowed to visit!

I've heard them make all sorts of noises, but I'm going to ask my friend about this one, as I haven't heard it.

I have a book called, "Outwitting Dogs". I think there's more of a chance of doing that than of even dreaming of out-thinking a cat.

Whicky Wuudler said...

Robin and Finch are so alert and full of vibrant, young cat goodness.

Chittering/chattering noises are expressions of feline frustration. It can mean different things in different contexts..

"please stop that" - when say, rear toes are being tickled illegally.

"please continue with that" - when a particularly exquisite petting stops. I do this if I'm petted when asleep "ooo yeah, thaasss nice, I'm sleeping, do carry on, purr"

"I want some prey chasing action, lemmie at it" when viewing say, a bird/bug that is out of reach on the other side of the glass.

Robyn and Finch say it all beautifully.

curator said...

Parlance, it's always so very nice to have you stop by. Let me know whatyour friend thinks!
WW, your comments are not only funny but spot on. Which reminds me I need to surf over to the C Blogosphere and see what's doing.

Fin said...

I never heard the term Chitter, but it is a perfect name. Mommy calls the noise my Ka, Ka, Ka