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Saturday, October 11, 2008

every kitten is a gift

I see in the news today that Vladimir Putin received a baby tiger cub for his 56th birthday. Reports are that he treats her tenderly, for he is said to be very affectionate to children and animals. Not that loving a 20-pound Ussuri tiger child is a tough job or anything. (The Ussuri tiger is another term for the Siberian tiger. They are critically endangered, so you might see them all die out in your lifetime. A thought which fills me with desolation.)

Every kitten regardless of size or species is a gift, though. For example, how about these babies hanging out at the Next to Nature pet supply in Tacoma? They need nice homes. For a $100 rehoming fee (it covers their fixing and shots), you can have a soft, purry new fam member.

More cell cam shots, of course.

You could wake up to this.

Even world leaders need a furry friend. They get to have a bigger variety, that's all. Then they get to give them spiffy things like coffins, such as this one for Crown Prince Thutmose of Egypt's cat, "Ta-Miaut." "I bristle before the Sky, and its parts that are upon (it). I myself am placed among the imperishable ones that are in the Sky, for I am Ta-Miaut, the Triumphant."

I would like to know who gave the Egyptian gentleman Puimre (lived during reign of Pharoah Thutmose III, 1479-1425 BC) his cat, the first pet feline with a recorded name: Nadjem, meaning either "dear one" or "star."


Parker said...

I hope that those lovely kittens find forever homes!

Pat said...

I want them all...

Fin said...

I agree with you, every kitten and every cat is a gift.

Whicky Wuudler said...

Such delightful kittens, I'm sure they won't be waiting long for homes.

I hope Putin's tiger cub gets to grow up in a nature reserve, It's good to see a leader being kind to an animal.

Props to Thutmose III's scribes for recording dear one's name too.

curator said...

Yes, I too hope they find forever homes! If I hear anything I will be sure to say something. They are so friendly and sweet, they helped me shop for cat food.

Marika said...

Ta- miaut was actually not a name. Miaut is what the Egyptians called every cat, BC of the sound cats make, meowing... The first recorded name of a cat was Nadjem, and although today's meaning of the name is ' star' or ' dear one' the original meaning was 'fallen from heavens' meaning the sky and referred to another Pharaoh named Amun Ra. The sun God. Nadjem did belong to Tuthmose, she was his guardian and she is buried with him