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Sunday, October 26, 2008

your new winter roomie, southeast portland!

His name is Franklin. He lives in SE Portland's Hawthorne district along with his people. However, his people need to be gone away from the house for the winter, and Franklin needs a people till they come back.

I have met Franklin during the days when I lived near Hawthorne, and I guarantee you he will stroll as confidently into your heart as he does all the neighborhood cat flaps. Drop me a comment or an email if you think you can help.

And my friend Doug sent along a clipping from the Wall Street Journal noting the US issue of Doris Lessing's On Cats (called Particularly Cats in earlier and British publication). Read the Lessing interview here. (Thanks, Doug!)


parlance said...

Thanks for the interesting link re Doris Lessing. Eighty-eight years old and still a fascinating woman! I followed the further link and read the excerpt from her book. Sounds good.

The Lee County Clowder said...

If Franklin is as great and friendly as you say, Franklin's beans better take him with them.

Give him six months living with someone else, we suspect the original beans are gonna have a hard time getting their kittie back.

curator said...

No kidding. I wasn't even housesitting for him and I almost nabbed him.