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Sunday, November 16, 2008

possibly everything you needed to know about the guard dog

Today on a leisurely Sunday I have for you a scholarly, but readable discussion of the dog's role as spirit guardian in old cultural ways. In Bob Trushaw's article, "Black Dogs: Guardians of the corpse ways," he examines the ways in which dogs' long and first closeness with humans has given them responsibilities past the earthly.

It's intriguing. Read here.


parlance said...

Thanks for finding this interesting article. I'm interested in mythology and symbolism, so I've saved it up for a careful read when I have more time.

I felt a bit sad on a quick read that dogs had to be killed so they could accompany humans into the next life. (But then again I guess some societies include servants and wives in that nice little ritual on occasion.)

curator said...

Yes, I know - I too think it's a pity that humans found it so easy to dispose of lives as part of their rituals. I hope you enjoy the article!