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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

everybody loves kitties

Image: thanks, Wikipedia Commons.

This is a fragment of a thousand-year-old Chinese painting called "Monkey and Cats." The artist, Yi Yuanji, was famed for his realistic paintings of animals. Hear how he came to specialize in them: he was expert at portraying flowers and fruit, but ultimately felt he would never be a true master, and so turned his hand to subjects that the masters of old had never tried.

He ended up being known for his gibbons, and would wander in the mountains for months studying them. However, this gentle kitten-cuddling fellow has been identified as a macaque. The happiness and delight on their faces makes for the perfect image of holiday joy. Share your love with everyone regardless of specie!


Anita said...

Beautifurr picture!

Merry Christmas!!


castle diva said...

Beautiful. The faces say it all.

Thank you for sharing.

Ms. P and Cinza

Everycat said...

Right on Curator!

Good will everywhere!

Happy Holidays to you all at The Pet Museum.