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Friday, January 30, 2009

the art of the sugar mouse

I have never had a sugar mouse but I would like to. Even if it was only once. I just like the idea. Perhaps I should try the recipe in my candy book.
There are those who also find a sugary rodent food for much creativity. Today I discovered them at Mouse Spotters Guide, where you may as it says "Create Art-Work on the theme of Sugar Mice and submit to this Strange and Interesting site."
Also a Charming and Friendly site, as you may see at the section called Mouse Face, devoted to photos of people befriended through the medium of mouse sugar. Another page brings you a great deal of sugarmouse art.
Would you like to try this? There is a recipe for sugar mice on this page, along with a recipe for cheese on toast and how to eat it. This sort of jolly, all-inclusive activity is exactly what I love to see when I look for evidence that the arts are alive and well. Before you know it, people can move from "I don't know art but I know what I like," to "Look at the beauty of a candy mouse in the bleak urban cityscape!" or something like that.


CA said...

Want me to mail you a sugar mouse or 3 from England? It would be a pleasure!

curator said...

Oh yes, one would do nicely as I am sure they are very sweet. Thank you for the kind offer! Drop me a line at the Pet Museum email (click kitty up in the right hand corner)!