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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

cats in world affairs?

Your friendly, very busy Curator is very behind on her visits to friends' blogs. I sure miss seeing what is up with you all and hope to catch up sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, here on my lunch hour, I thought about "cats in politics" for some reason and went looking for some. By sheer serendipity I found the Cat Topics section of Sheppard Software's page, which includes, yes, Cats in World Affairs. There's not a lot there, though I didn't know that cats have lived at the British Prime Minister's house since maybe Henry VIII's time. But the other pages you will see off to the left - things like Cat Heroes, Cat Mythology, Petting and the Tail - are similarly jolly and colorful, and have some illustrations I've never seen before. I liked them. I think you will too.


Fin said...

I'm sorta running for cat president, does that count?

curator said...

It sure does with ME, Fin!

parlance said...

Great site! The story of Faith and Panda was interesting. If we think that Faith knew there was to be a raid, then she would have to be prescient. (Unless she could read the minds of the German pilots or their commanding officers.)

Now, that is scary.

I can actually believe cats might be able to read thoughts, because thought is electrical in nature and it doesn't seem biyond the realm of possibility.

But reading the future? I sure hope not, or I'll have to worry every time next door's cat does something unusual.

The Lee County Clowder said...

We're wondering why any one was willing to board the Ark Royal with Unsinkable Sam on board. (toward the bottom of Cats of War)

Getting sunk once happens, especially in war time. But getting sunk three times is challenging the laws of probability.