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Thursday, January 22, 2009

kitty click

First things first: Ms. Winnie has a new pocket beagle brother. She needed a playmate you see . . . so meet Dexter.Is he not scrumptious?

Now: Oh boy, back to the feline arts, and today I do mean the feline stepping up to be not only the subject but the creator of delightful images. Let me introduce you to Michael Benjamin's cat Cooper, who once a week is outfitted with a Mr. Lee CatCam ("Will answer the amazing question what the lovely cat has done the whole day long.").

As Cooper's Flickr set shows, what the lovely cat does the whole day long is watch people leave, look at trees, even look at food. Many of the photos show the sense of adventure it takes to be a short little housecat in a big world. Many thanks to Robin and Finchy's mom TaraM for sending me the link, which made me squeal out loud at work. I do love a good photographer.

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Carmen (humana de Ana) said...

Ohhh! So cute doggie!!!

(I hope that Anita doesn´t read me! Haha!)