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Friday, January 23, 2009

various, starring a teenaged kitten

I was at my local branch of Next to Nature's pet supply last night, stocking up on Wellness canned food in all the approved colors (oh stress, what color don't they like? Is it the green one?). The branch still has the 4 black kittens of an earlier post, now lanky teenagers. This one decided that since I was kneeling to give him a good scratchin', why then he would sit in my half-a-lap and relax. Oh isn't there anyone to give these darlings nice homes?

There's a film by the French documentarian Chris Marker called The Case of the Grinning Cat: "In November 2001, the filmmaker became intrigued, as did many other Parisians, by the sudden appearance of alluring portraits of grinning yellow cats on buildings, Metro walls and other public surfaces. Marker's cinematic efforts to document the mysterious materializations of this charming feline throughout Paris are a recurring theme of THE CASE OF THE GRINNING CAT."

Which led me to wonder about cat graffiti. And find some on Flickr.


Fin said...

you shouldn't stress too much about which one they don't like, pretty much it changes with whatever one you bring home in bulk here.

That Cat Cam was fun!

Everycat said...

It's a shame those black kittens haven't won over the heart of a potential adopter.

That Cat Graffiti pool is wonderful!

Thanks Curator

Da Wuudler

*bats Fin's tail and skitters out the door*

curator said...

Hi Fin, I thought the Cat Cam was great too, and Robin and Finchy's mom is longing for one - wouldn't that be a hoot!?
Hi Whicky,I owe you a nice "visit" and am glad you liked the cat graffiti. I did VERY much.