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Monday, January 26, 2009

where's m. chat?

Thanks yet again, Wikipedia.

Monsieur Cat - the grinning yellow cat I mentioned a couple posts ago - has gotten into my mind and I felt I MUST try to seek more about him.

Turns out he has his very own website, which he shares with some Space Invaders also big in graffiti for a while. It's monsieurchat.free.fr, in French - but if you can play with it a bit like you do Yahoo Maps or Google Maps, you'll find a way to see all the M. Chats in the world. Tip: You can see a list by nation and city if you choose "Ville: Toutes," "Type: Monsieur Chat," and then hit the "Afficher" button.
Though the graffiti artist wished to remain anonymous, Wikipedia gives his name as Thoma Vuille.

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