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Thursday, February 26, 2009

hot diggity dog!

The sweet demeanor of yesterday's Strasbourg dog stayed with me till today, and I was still in a dog mood as I sat down to bring you today's post.

And wait till you see where that spirit has led me: a sizable collection of dog metaphors, all collected up at metaphordogs.org! "Dogs in metaphor and idiom, illustrated." Here you may learn how we came to let sleeping dogs lie, double dog dare ya, go see a man about a dog, lick one's chops, thow him a bone . . . ah, such a nice long list, and such a pleasantly organized site.

Very good work, and all about dogs! Hooray.


parlance said...

Wow! One of your best finds! I'd like to link to this, if I can get organised to do a post on my second blog, about words. If okay with you.
(I hardly ever get organised to write anything for my other blog, so it may not happen.)

We have a political thing going here that I might research. One politician called another one 'the drover's dog' about ten or fifteen years ago and it gets mentioned every now and then. I think it's derogatory and refers to a poem, but not sure. In our family we call one of Penny's toys Drover, ie 'the dog's drover'.

curator said...

Well of course you may and what an honor to be worthy of your good posting!

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Alec said...

Thanks so much for the very kind words about my site, Dogs in Metaphor and Idiom, Illustrated!
Alec MacLeod