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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

bunny flicks

I am selfish this morning, but to your amusement and profit, perhaps! While looking about for what would strike my fancy about "rabbits + culture", I came across Film Experience Blog's 2006 post on rabbits in the movies -- "A History Of . . . Bunnies."

You know how I love a movie or two to pass the time, so I am all happy to have another movie site to visit other than Roger Ebert's. (Not that I don't love him too, but I like to mix it up.) So what does our host Nathaniel say as to noted cinema bunnies? He goes all the way from buns like early Mickey Mouse-era Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, to Thumper and Bugs Bunny (ah, Bugs!), a mention of Watership Down, Jessica Rabbit (I must say I am tired of her skating in on her last-name technicality everywhere), and last but not least, the glorious Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

Worth a chuckle and some Netflix rentals.

And late breaking embellishment: Bob Mondello at NPR.org likes a lot of those too. David Lynch did what sounds like a rather unpleasant 8-short-episodes series in his darkly comic style, called Rabbits, featuring humans in rabbit costumes. And let us not forget the poor little rabbits who featured so tragically in Jean de Florette.

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