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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a dutch rabbit

This is Robert (Dutch Rabbit), an oil on panel from January 2009 by Ljubica Todorovic. A delicious small-scaled work measuring 8'x8', this painting shows off Ljubica's love for painting bunnies. She creates others of a fantastical and playful nature, too, which are sure to bring an instant smile. I love her color sense and am sure you will too. Check her out at studiotodorovic.com and ljubicatodorovic.com. Be sure and check out her notes on her painting set-up (June 12th '09) for a great first-person on "what it's like to paint."


Fin said...

Oh he is sweet curator. Mom has a real thing for bunnies and squirrels... come to think of it I do too.

curator said...

Oh Fin, I'm glad you like it! Did you have a chance to see her other fun bunnies too?

Ljubica Todorovic said...

Hi! Thanks for featuring my bunny painting :) I will paint more bunnies now! :)

curator said...

It was my great pleasure, Ljubica! Thanks for your lovely bunny.

Anonymous said...

We admire her choice of subject material... there are all sorts of things to see in bunnies that are worth painting.