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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

a tuxedo cat went adventuring

As we at the Museum return, with a wistful look at our photos of Sally Cat, to regular programming, I find my thoughts turn to the open road and new sights. A little escape is good to clear the head of things now and then.

"Blackie" was a tuxedo cat who lived in New Zealand in the late 30's, and he must have had a crystal clear head as kitties go. In The New Zealand Railways Magazine (vol. 13, issue 11 Jan. 1 1939!) a story is told of the New Zealand Government tender ship the Matai. Four times a year this ship went round and round the country's 3000 coastal miles, checking up on the lighthouses and bringing supplies to their keepers. Last but not least, the Matai provided a fine home for Blackie.

Blackie was partial to the engine-room (it would have been nice and warm), and every so often availed himself of insider privileges with other modes of local transport. One of his jaunts was so epic as to excite comment for some time:
“Blackie” walked ashore without leave in Auckland, but rejoined in Wellington
ten days later. It happened that during this interval there had been no vessels
making this trip. How did “Blackie” get to Wellington? There are people prepared
to take their oath that “Blackie” was seen wandering around the Auckland railway
yard, so one simply assumes that this very intelligent cat knew all about the
Limited! (railway)

As usual I can't nick his photo off the site due to copyright issues, but you must, must see it. And here is the whole Matai article, including Blackie's story. (Be sure and find the page break.)


Everycat said...

Fine cat that Blackie, it makes me very happy that no human has worked out how Blackie travelled from Auckland to Wellington. Some feline matters must be kept secret.

Whicky Wuudler

Lucas said...

I thought this said a tuxedo cat went advertising and I thought you were truly onto something there!

curator said...

Ha ha! Tuxedo cats would be great at advertising, right Whicky Whuudler?

Karen Jo said...

Blackie was an amazing cat. I love the story. Due to being offline for a couple of days, I just now read about Sally. I am very sorry that she had to go to the Bridge, but very certain that you did exactly the right thing for her.

Everycat said...

Actually, Lucas and Curator, I am constantly advertising - myself (of course) but also the general wonder and goodness of all cats everywhere!

W Wuudler esq.

curator said...

Karen Jo, thank you so much for your kind comment - I still miss Sally very much.
WW,I think you are the greatest advertisement for the wonder of cats EVER.