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Saturday, July 25, 2009

prince rupert's devil dog, thanks to parlance

Yes, great thanks indeed to Parlance. Some of you may have seen her very recent comment and followed the link to Nicola Cornick's post, "One Man and his Dog," at WordWenches.

If you haven't I invite you to do so now. Little is needed from me in the way of introduction. Nicola has provided the backstory on a few of the portraits and anecdotes she has come across in her work. She speaks primarily of Prince Rupert of the Rhine, a most fascinating figure of Charles I's time, and his poodle. Along the way you'll hear a bit about the actress Kitty Fisher and Lady Caroline Lamb, and the creatures who completed their lives and images.

I do think you'll enjoy yourself immensely. Read "One Man and his Dog."

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