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Friday, August 14, 2009

the bollywood pet

"I've a 14-year-old pet named Whiskey. First my family, then I'd leave everything I have to him. I'd do anything to keep him alive forever." That's Bollywood star Tusshar Kapoor, chiming in on whether he would leave his pets any money. The rest of the article is here. My favorite answer? Perizaad Zorabian's: "I've a pug called Chintamani. He's just the cutest. Loves me unconditionally and is such a source of joy. I don't think he needs any money because Chintu loves only the intangibles. But, yes, I'd provide for him and make sure he's well looked after once I'm gone."

The huge Indian movie industry has a media universe with its own glamorous stars, traditional stories, and plot devices. I was thinking about Western cinema pets - recalling the dogs of Jacques Tati films again, actually - and thought I had been staying culturally too close to home. Surely the Bollywood machine has room for feathered, furred stars? Then I stumbled upon this article on animal actors in Indian film.

For example, in the film Maine Pyar Kiya, a pigeon serves as the postman and go-between to a pair of lovers - becoming one of the most famous birds in the Bollymovies in the process, and getting a whole song to boot. That would be Kabootar Ja Ja, if you'd like to see it on You Tube.

You might decide to mix up a bit of your Netflix queue if you do!

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